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Free the Humans #THINK2019

At IBM's annual THINK conference, we had a chance to hear from companies using AI to drive value for their customers and augment employee creativity and productivity.

IBM Chief Digital Officer Bob Lord and Chelsea Clinton of the Clinton Foundation present the thinking behind their latest collaboration -- a multi-year collaborative investment with Red Cross and the United Way, to leverage IBM’s blockchain and Watson technology to developers in the annual Call for Code challenge.

In a true example of tech-for-good, these leaders are working together to create opportunities for more people to contribute their skills to solve major societal issues such as natural disasters using an A.I.-powered disaster platform paired with an infrastructure of IoT devices that can reach people when traditional communications are down and help first responders know who needs what and where.

Morning Angel looks forward to exploring how these tools can be applied to overcome language barriers during natural disasters —especially for the 25+ Million Americans who struggle with limited English proficiency. When lives are on the line, failure is not an option. innovative teamwork + smart design + ambitious technology = hope for the future

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