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Cultural Competency + Tech Improves Patient Experience & Outcomes

Diversity in thought and perspective is critical to innovation.

The way the world works has changed drastically since we first landed a man on the moon.

With the dynamic shifts in demographics in the U.S. and variations in health equity across cultures, healthcare providers can't afford to ignore the effects of culture on healthcare. The world is changing. Many of our systems are past their prime. Advanced artificial intelligence is fundamentally reshaping businesses and society.

Stories are intrinsic to decision-making and shape our view of the world

The first place to being is with a simple conversation. To serve all patients, health care providers need an understanding of their patient's culture and language. What's their story? It's more than meets the eye.

Engaging in conversation allows us to hear the compelling, personal narratives of the people we care for, and helps us better understand how to best serve them in their everyday life.

To succeed in diverse patient care, providers need the knowledge and skills to empower patients’ to share their explanation and understanding of their health status, recognize potential cultural influences on healthcare beliefs and practices, and communicate effectively with patients from different languages and cultures.

Morning Angel offers consultation with an experienced certified Mediator, relationship and impact coach specializing in the challenge of change and transformation.  She creates safe spaces for professionals to build knowledge, awareness, and capacity to effectively engage with diverse clients whose life experiences are different from the challenges faced by educators, medical, legal and technology professionals. As a coach, she helps identify implicit bias, the hidden beliefs, and assumptions that contribute to social disparities. Providing usable and actionable feedback, she coaches technology experts to consider the humanness of people in transition whose language proficiency limitations and cultural differences often result in silencing their voice, decision making, and access to independence.  

Some questions can be solved with technology. Morning Angel believes the best answers begin with a human conversation.

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