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Reaching a Deal

Our Projects

future of work roundtables - platform economy discussions - deep tech ethical advisory forums - philanthropy leadership events

Projects: Projects
doing work together

Social Innovation Collaborations

Leverage Humanity's Shared History of Overcoming Obstacles

While certain measures indicate a strong economy, too many people’s economic lives are chronically plagued by financial stress. 

Stagnating wages, rising expenses, uncertain incomes and limited opportunities to get-ahead leave too many people out of today’s tech boom.

Together we can design better measures and respond accordingly.

Strategic engagement with key stakeholder groups requires expertise, influence, and orientation.

Identifying vulnerability is essential to successful projects and initiatives with any potential for negative human rights impacts. Stakeholders with the highest vulnerability and negative orientation are likely to be a priority for engagement.

Influence, trust, and orientation will help organizations anticipate and respond to stakeholder critiques and participate in reshaping strategic positioning.

Public Speaker

Thought Partnership + Leadership

We are passionate about finding options and new approaches to complex systemic problems, without creating a new set of problems.

Often times our clients have everything they need to succeed, they just require the resources and support to make a strategic jump. We see projects through to the end and expect spectacular results. By ensuring consistent and transparent communication, our clients progress by leaps and bounds.

Working Together

Stakeholder Engagement & Initiatives

make decisions + shift focus + change opinions

Projects: Services
Business Meeting

 Strategic Planning Session to Identify Stakeholders

Expert Guidance

Can you identify who your key stakeholders are, where they

come from, and what their relationship is to your initiative or business?

Owners: investors, shareholders, agents, analysts, and rating agencies

Customers: direct customers, indirect customers, and advocates

Employees: current employees, potential employees, suppliers’ employees, retirees, representatives, and dependents

Industry: suppliers, competitors, industry associations, industry opinion leaders, and media

Community: residents near company facilities, chambers of commerce, resident associations, schools, community organizations, and special interest groups

Environment: nature, non-human species, future generations, scientists, ecologists, spiritual communities, advocates, and nongovernmental organizations, or NGOs

Government: public authorities and local policymakers, regulators, and opinion leaders

Civil society organizations: NGOs, faith-based organizations, labor unions, and the general public

By researching and identifying stakeholders, topic-by-topic, we create new networks and partnerships between groups brought together by our advisors.

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