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Our Projects

Collaborating and designing solutions to the world’s language barriers.

Design Thinking Collaborations

Morning Angel is a catalyst for collaboration. We bring together corporate, public, philanthropy and investment leaders to create social innovation partnerships in technology, healthcare, law, education, and immigration. Together, let's build models to address challenges facing society on a global scale.

We create programs that allow people to develop skills to engage in meaningful dialogue that provides the opportunity for participants to gain clarity about their own perspective,
challenge their own assumptions and to become open to the experience and perspective of others. Dialogue and interpersonal communication programs create an opportunity to expand understanding of oneself and others in a context that encompasses and honors diversity between groups and across cultures.

Morning Angel is accepting inquiries from impact investors seeking to generate a measurable, beneficial social impact.

Corporate Partnerships

To achieve our maximum impact we will need visibility, credibility, access to finance, partnerships, favorable public policy, media attention and knowledge and mentorship of global affairs.

We firmly believe business leaders have both a privilege and a responsibility to think about ways to solve the societal challenges of today.

Companies have an opportunity to turn language barriers in unemployment, education and healthcare services, into long-term competitiveness and sustainable success.

Thought Leadership

We are passionate about solving language barriers and love sharing our work as we build and scale up our impact.